Cultural & Historical Facilities

With experience in cultural and historical facilities funding programs, the staff at RMPK Funding will work with you to create a grant application that makes your project stand out as valuable resource to your community.

Cultural facilities funding programs continue to assist our clients in the acquisition, construction and renovation of structures that provide a venue for the instruction, performance and exhibition of art, music, theater, dance and other cultural activities.

Several funding programs support the inventory and survey of historical structures which is often the first step in saving these treasures, evidence of your community’s history. Historical assessments, restoration planning and design and restorative construction and improvements are also projects funded through State and local programs.

Examples of Awarded Funding:

  • Seminole Theatre
  • Downtown Cultural Corridor
    Oakland Park
  • Commons Amphitheater
    Royal Palm Beach
  • Marian Fell Library Restoration
  • Hopper Academy Restoration