City of Clermont

Victory Pointe Park

Funding Type: Infrastructure & Water Projects

The 10-acre stormwater park located combined drainage, water quality, trails, cultural and recreational facilities to allow for the City to maximize the amount of funding obtained. At a cost of over $9,000,000 the popular destination benefited from over $2,600,000 in State and Federal funding. The completion of the project represents the first phase of the City’s redevelopment plan for the downtown waterfront.

3 Year Period

Land Acquisition

2017 Florida Communities Trust



2016 SJWMD Cooperative Funding


2016 Land and Water Conservation Fund


2016 Section 319 Non-Point Solution Grant


2017 Florida Cultural Facilities Grant


2017 Land and Water Conservation Fund


2017 Recreational Trails Program Grant


2017 Urban and Community Forestry Grant


Total Grant Funding