Grant Application Preparation

Over the last sixteen years, RMPK Funding staff of grant professionals has worked with local communities to obtain $185 million in funding. These funding programs have helped our clients complete road projects, trails, cultural facilities and all types of recreational facilities. In addition, we have been successful in working with FEMA and other State and Federal Agencies in securing hurricane and disaster related funding. Our staff specializes in funding opportunities and has a wide range of experience in local, state and federal programs.

Grant Application Preparation Scope of Services

  1. Research and obtain necessary documents for the grant application.
  2. Prepare and submit grant application for evaluation.
  3. Handle all follow-up requests from grantor relating to the application.
  4. Attend or coordinate any meetings necessary for the grant application.
  5. Prepare materials and make presentation to any necessary government agencies.
  6. Act as a liaison between the Client and the State or Federal granting agency and legislature.
  7. Provide Client staff with updated timelines and information concerning the funding process.

The professional staff at RMPK is experienced in application preparation in a variety of types of funding programs including:

  1. Outdoor Recreation
  2. Boating and Coastal Programs
  3. Cultural and Historical Facilities
  4. Community Forestry and Beautification
  5. Infrastructure and Water Projects
  6. Land Acquisition
  7. Emergency/Disaster Planning and Services